Our Presentation

Today, a great demand for “Sirab” being a well-known and favorite water of Land of Fire, Azerbaijan both inside and outside the country is due to its quality. A main objective of “Sirab” OJSC is to do its best to supply a people, and especially the children with pure and high quality water. No doubt, at the moment a reader may become interested as to how “Sirab” is manufactured, and this article is aimed at readers to get more informed about manufacture of “Sirab” a garnish of the table, as much as possible.

A source of “Sirab” is located in the Kalbaaghil valley situated following the hills among mountains at a height of 1258 meters above sea level... Now we would like to briefly describe the way of manufacture of this water... Water enters the plant via stainless steel pipe from that source... After having been frozen to 4-8 degrees water is distributed to the shops for production.

In a word, “Sirab” continues to fulfill its duties in the field of water for safe feeding of people and future health of children completely.