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What is mineral water?

Monday, April 17, 2017

Mineral water is natural water that contains minerals that the human body needs, so water takes a major place during fluid intake of person.

Natural mineral water is underground water that extracts from one or more sources to earth surface, does not change mineral content, was protected against any risk of contamination and isn’t conducted any chemical operation. The most important feature that mineral water separates from other water is the fact that it contains minerals in a specific amount at the time of its acquisition from source. Mineral content is characterized as “Very low mineral” (water less than 50 mg / l), “Low mineral” (water less than 500 mg/l) and “Rich mineral” (water more than 1500 mg/l). Quantity of mineral: water more than 250 mg/l is called “Mine Water”.

Features of minerals in the water:

The benefits to the health of minerals in the water are too high. Prof. Dr. M. Zeki Karagülle, teacher of the Medical Faculty of Istanbul University, researcher in the field of Medical and Hydroclimatological Fundamental Sciences and head of International Hydroclimatics Association, who states that minerals in the water are very important for our health and conducts investigations on this topic, gives an important information on minerals in the composition of natural mineral water with high of pH value.

Calcium support for health of the heart/strong>

Prof. Dr. M. Zeki Karagülle, who states that rich calcium in the natural mineral water are very important for bone health, declares that calcium is one of the most needed minerals for children, youths and adults. Further, he stressed that calcium are very important for teeth health, heart health and blood coagulation. He also said that other mineral in the natural mineral water with high of pH value – magnesium is effective in the production of energy for bone and cardiovascular health. He explained that taking of sufficient calcium and magnesium is very important for development of bone and muscle in children, also said that women needed calcium in protection from especially postmenopausal osteoporosis.

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